TSKALTUBO SANATORIUM a series of alternate realities

Bathhouse No.9 Part One

Tskaltubo is a town in the Imereti region of Georgia. During the Soviet period, the town was developed into a prominent spa resort. Lavish sanatoriums and bathhouses were constructed in the name of proletarian health and vigor. The magic lies in it's radioactive thermal springs which were believed to have healing properties. Just the optimal amount of carbonated radon to cure your bones.

Her LandingPart Two

After the Soviet Union brokedown, the thriving spa industry declined and Tskaltubo along with it. The grand sanatoriums and buildings however, still remain in their faded grandeur. A few buildings were made into shelters for refugees from the Abkhazia war, and a few esteemed guests have been delivered to scope out the property.

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Snay - Director, HoudiniFX Simulation, Edit, Color

Kif - Camera, Geometry, Tracking, Compositing, Look Dev

Dasha - Actress

Detlaff - Drone Pilot