I am Chiba, and welcome to my workshop for operation :: Mars College: Simulation 0 :: Here is where I prototyped the cyborgs that would be put through the experimental simulation of Mars College.

They’re machines. Why would I want to prototype a human? They’d just go out and do whatever they wanted to do.

Simulation 0 lasted for 100 days, and I would say the results that I get from the simulation
don't match the expected outcome of humans landing on Mars.

It is clear that my simulation is fake,
It is a fake.
A simulation, I must have made this simulation.

But why?

Why would I do this?
I can't have done this.
But I can't prove it either, if I find out what is making this simulation fake I will lose it all.

I can't do anything but enjoy the fact that I have.

I am not sure you will ever understand.